Rachel Lahlum
Rachel Lahlum Photography

Studio 245

Rachel Lahlum is a photographer specializing in weddings, portraits and events.

Rachel's love for art, her experience as a photojournalist, and her career in project management are the biggest influences on her approach to photography. She adopts an illustrative approach to her work, meaning her shots are a combination of traditional poses, high-art fashion and captured candid moments. Rachel's fun-loving, and flexible, but organized nature provide an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Outside the photography world, Rachel spends her weekdays working as a project manager for a production company. On her free weekends and evenings, she can be found gardening, adding to her funky houseplant collection, watching an action-adventure film with her hubby, or playing with her pets (two cats -- Lola and Loki, one dog -- Indy).

Interested in learning more? Please give Rachel a call or send her an email! 

(651) 303-5068