Heather RJ Fletcher
HRJ Design Studios

Marbling and Surface Design
Studio 115

I am a process-driven artist, entrepreneur and educator.

My artistic roots began in northern Minnesota where I spent a large percentage of my childhood. I grew up around makers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. The people around me taught me to make things from the tools and materials they had around the house. It was one snowy winter; I discovered a man by the name of Bob Ross on PBS. I was mesmerized by his painting. Around the 3rd time, I saw the program, took my box of crayons and ream of paper, set in front of the television "painted" along. It wasn't until college where I became serious about being an artist at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities I completed a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts. Post-college I worked in television production and advertising. A few years ago, I decided to leave behind the world of advertising venturing into artistry, entrepreneurship, and teaching.

My artistic journey has lead me to surface pattern design and decorative arts. I incorporate methods from centuries-old traditions such as marbling, suminagashi, pochoir, linocut, woodblock printing, etc. All methods are incorporated into my current practice focused in the following areas: artist books, hand-lettering, graphic design, surface pattern design, quilting, and illustration (hand and digital).

I teach classes on marbling and other surface design techniques at Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Textile Center Minnesota and around the world.

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