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Interstice & Evocation

  • Q.arma Building 1224 Quincy Street NE Minneapolis, MN 55413 (map)

Interstice & Evocation 

MCAD students self-curated art show. Show runs in the Q2 Gallery from April 15 to April 25.

Reception April 19 from 7-10PM


The Interstice & Evocation exhibition features a broad grouping of works by six emerging artists. Using printmaking, papermaking, drawing, painting, and mix-media collage, the artists combine various styles of representation that address coexistent narratives between their work. The pieces on display bring up questions surrounding time, space, and personal history in order to examine the fallibility of memory and the ways in which it is both constructed and represented in our everyday lives.



Kerri Mulcare is a printmaker and book artist. The work in this exhibition explores ideas around the body and feelings associated with the spaces and places that we inhabit or pass through. She is interested in the materiality of cast paper in conjunction with photolithography, natural materials, and thread. 


Madison Bruner is a drawer, printmaker, and collage artist whose work explores the fallibility of memory, ownership of Land/location/space, hereditary mental disorders, and healing from a history of abandonment. 


Wakaba Nagamatsu is a painter whose work explores themes around human existence. With the work in this exhibition, she creates figurative images in silence. The figures reside in the protected realm of solitude: they permit us to see them, but they remain inviolate. She would like the viewer to find consolation in their immobility: a splendid release from the clamor of the outside/real world. 


Nataliya Koppes is a painter whose work explores themes around loss, the void, and the grief it leaves us with. The pieces here are made by using oil paint on wood and charcoal on paper.


Abby Scarborough is a collage artist who uses found materials and magazine clippings to explore themes of nostalgia and temporality. Her work in this exhibition utilizes a combination of careful organization as well as chance to bind the process of papermaking and collages together. 


Dana Sexton is a printer and papermaker whose work explores the sculptural potential of papermaking and casting using natural materials and found objects.  The works in this exhibition explore ideas around memory and change.

Later Event: April 26